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Eco logic

Eco Logic

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Eco Logic is

“Redefining cooking for good”

The range embodies not only a number of culinary advantages, but also an unrivalled commitment to the environment.

Engineered to exacting German standards in Germany, the whole range features the revolutionary Diamond QXR non-stick coating that delivers extraordinary cooking results. Ones only enhanced by the innovative cooking surface itself.

Inspired by natural quartzite, it is defined by a slightly uneven or “rocky” profile that traps the natural cooking juices between ingredient and pan, resulting in a more flavoursome outcome. The superior cast aluminium body that WOLL has become famous for ensures fast heat distribution and retention.

While this unique product composition renders it suitable to all manner of cooktops without any difference in performance.

Eco logic

Combining cooking performance with environmental sensitivity.

Eco Logic makes sense

Environmentally, the range is just as innovative. Constructed from sustainable materials, while using 30% less energy in the production process, the Eco Logic range is breaking new boundaries.

The range is punctuated by the solid wood handle, which is both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. And it is complemented by typically functional and wholly recyclable packaging.